Biblical Theology - Lesson 22

The Eschatological Dimension of Marriage

Human marriage is a reflection of the inaugurated new creation marriage of Christ and the Church.

Greg Beale
Biblical Theology
Lesson 22
Watching Now
The Eschatological Dimension of Marriage

IV. The Use of Joel 2 in Acts

A. When God executes judgment upon a nation, it is described in terms of cosmic conflagration imagery.

B. We get “little Pentecosts” that occur later.

The Eschatological Dimension of Marriage

I. Human Marriage as a Reflection of the Inaugurated New Creation Marriage of Christ and the Church

A. Christ as the new Adam of the new creation

Concluding Comments

I. Like Circumcision, Baptism is an Oath Sign Which Signifies Salvation as Through Water for the One Who Believes and Death as in Drowning in the Case of One Who Does Not Believe.

II. We Celebrate Our Sabbath Rest on Sunday, Not on Saturday, Because It was on Sunday that Christ in His resurrection Began to Experience the New Creation and Eternal Sabbath Rest as the Last Adam.


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