Biblical Theology - Lesson 9

The Parables and the Eschatological Kingdom

The parables indicate how the eschatological kingdom is beginning in the ministry of Jesus. 

Greg Beale
Biblical Theology
Lesson 9
Watching Now
The Parables and the Eschatological Kingdom

XII. Jesus Continues to Heal in Fulfillment of Isaiah’s Prophecy of the One Who Would Restore Israel.

A. He has come of the heal the fragmented world, not merely of Israel, but also of the Gentiles.

B. Israel’s religious rulers reject Jesus as the one who is to restore Israel to her God.

XIII. The Parables Indicate the Rejection of National Israel as the People of God and Indicate How the Eschatological Kingdom Is Beginning in the Ministry of Jesus.

XIV. Jesus is “Greater than John the Baptist.”

XV. The Theology of the Bread Miracle

XVI. After Crossing the Sea, Jesus’ Miraculous Healings Again Demonstrate That He Has Come to Restore Creation from the Curse of the Fall and to Restore True Israel from the Covenant Curses of the Exile.


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