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BiblicalTraining.org provides life-changing courses on the Bible and theology from top biblical professors for people who are passionate about their spiritual growth, for free.

BiblicalTraining.org meets three needs of the church:

Ministry Preparation - Leadership Development - Biblical Literacy Ministry Preparation - Leadership Development - Biblical Literacy

BiblicalTraining.org achieves its vision by producing courses in five primary programs

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The starting point for Bible and theological studies. These courses are for most people.

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Our College and University level classes are for people who wantt o go deeper in their studies.

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For Pastors and missionaries, and others who want to study at the graduate level.

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Three practical steps for developing a leadership culture in your church and preparing your future leaders.What are the biblical requirements for church leadership, and are you willing to do the work?

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These three to ten hour seminars are for nurturing your lay leadership, and anyone else interested in these topics.

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Other Programs

We know that many people come to BiblicalTraining.org looking for answers to specific questions. We have therefore rearranged many of our courses into secondary programs such as how to help a new believer, how to defend my faith, and can I trust my Bible?

Our Distinctives: Broadly Evangelical - Configurable - World Class - Accessible - Community Based - Holistic
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  • Broadly Evangelical Icon

    Broadly Evangelical

    Our materials are broadly evangelical, governed by our Statement of Faith.

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    Churches and ministries can customize their own curriculum.

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    World Class

    Our professors are among the best academics in the world, and know how to teach.

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    BiblicalTraining is a web-based ministry whose content is free.

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    Community Based

    We encourage people to learn together, in mentor/apprentice relationships.

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    We want to see students move through content to deep reflection and application.


1. All our classes are full length; seminars are three to ten hours long.

2. We have three levels of classes and seminars to fit all the educational needs of your church.

3. All of our professors are world-class scholars, the top in their field.

4. Our classes are academic, yet understandable.

5. We are donor based and do not have online ads.

6. All of our courses are free (although we do charge for certain services such as Certificates, Diplomas, and Landing pages).

  • We encourage the cycle of learn, reflect, and engage since education is more than data.
  • We enable people to study in groups since we learn better in community.
  • We can customize our curriculum to meet the specific needs of our partners.
Community: Learn, Reflect, Engage