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Certificates provide a Comprehensive Education on Specific Topics

Certificates are a group of classes on a specific topic that will give you a deeper understanding of specific subjects such as the Bible, theology, leadership, worship, and others. Most of these can be completed in three months.

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Others will give you a comprehensive education over the Bible as a whole.

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Foundations Bible Diploma Track 1

A structured way to learn the Bible using traditional Old & New Testament survey classes. 

Classes: 7
Hours: 47
CEU credits: 5
Price $495

Foundations Bible Diploma Track 2

A structured way to learn the Bible using the 52 Stories of the Bible survey classes. The Diploma Program includes the following:

Classes: 6
Hours: 55
CEU credits: 5
Price: $495

Certificate in Christ-Centered Leadership

An experienced mentor walks you through how to be a Christ-centered leader.

Classes: 4
Hours: 15
CEU credits: None
Regular Price: $249

Certificate in Biblical Leadership

Nurturing the lay leadership in your church

Classes: 6
Hours: 20
CEU credits: None
Regular Price: $145


Certificate in Theological Studies

Study what you believe, and why.

Classes: 5
Hours: 34
CEU credits: 5
Regular Price: $195

Certificate in Biblical Studies

Gain an overview of the entire Bible.

Classes: 3
Hours: 27.5
CEU credits: 4
Regular Price:$145


Certificate in Biblical Worship

Focusing your mind's attention and your heart's affection toward God is the essence of worship. Learn how to do this personally and how to lead others in this journey!

Classes: 3
Hours: 14
CEU credits: None
Regular Price:$145

Certificate in World Religions & Evangelism

A broad overview of world religions and how they impact the way you approach evangelism. 

Classes: 8
Hours: 38
CEU Credits: None
Regular Price:$255


Certificate in Christians in the Marketplace

What is your theology of work?

Classes: 5
Hours: 17
CEU credits: None
Regular Price: $95

52 Stories of the Bible

Learn the basic structure, themes, characters, and theology of the Bible, from cover to cover.

Classes: 1
Hours: 30
CEU credits: 5
Regular Price: $195


New Testament Survey: Its Structure, Content, and Theology

Helping you to know the basic structure, themes, and people in the New Testament, with an emphasis on how this knowledge should impact our lives.

Classes: 1
Hours: 35
CEU Credits: 5
Regular Price:$249

How a Certificate Program Works

Find a Program

Certificate programs are offered in a variety of subjects to help you better understand the Bible and grow in your Christian faith.

Learn on the Go

Learn on the Go using your computer, tablet, or phone. There are no deadlines, so you can take the classes at your own pace.

Earn a Valuable Credential

Celebrate your accomplishment with a certificate, which will be mailed to you when the program is completed.

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