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Become a leader who is biblically informed and biblically prepared for leadership.

One of the greatest needs of the church is for leadership that is biblically informed, fully devoted to Christ, and prepared for their leadership role.

This track is an answer to this need and works for lay leaders and bi-vocational pastors. Our program is built around the biblical requirements found especially in the Pastoral Epistles (1 Timothy 3, 5, and Titus 1), and divide into three sections:

  1. What are the biblical requirements for church leadership, and are you willing to do the work?
  2. How to identify and prepare future leaders
  3. How to nurture your current and future leaders

Along with the classes below we also offer several Certificates to help you develop leaders.

This program is very much under construction, but we anticipate completion by 2020. This is largely a matter of funding.

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Dr. Bill Mounce
In this class we will be exploring the Biblical basis for leadership in the church.
Developing a Leadership Culture in the Church
Mr. Mark Olmos
Developing a leadership culture in your church is difficult, but necessary if you want your church to be healthy and thrive.
Training Lay Leaders John Johnson
Dr. John Johnson
Discover how to initiate and manage change.
Leading a Healthy Church Culture Rick Sessoms
Dr. Rick Sessoms
Exploring what it means to be a Christ-centered leader and to lead a Christ-centered church.
12 Marks of a Healthy Board
Team Taught
The Twelve indictors that your church board is healthy
Integrity of a Leader Bruce McNicol Bill Thrall
Dr. Bruce McNicol
Spiritual formation developed in community is essential to producing the character which results in lasting integrity in a leader.
Pitfalls of Leadership John Iamaio
Dr. John Iamaio
How to avoid pitfalls in ministry.
An Urgent Call to Shepherd Alexander Strauch
Mr. Alexander Strauch
The Apostle Peter in 1Peter 5:1-5, gives an urgent call to elders to shepherd the people of God.
Biblical Eldership Piper
Dr. John Piper
Biblical overview of church leadership and governance.
Theology of Work
Dr. Gerry Breshears
What is God calling you to do? Is his calling only for pastors and “professional ministers” or is it something that applies to all of his people?