All of our classes are connected to the three programs below. The programs are paths through a series of classes designed to give you expertise in a certain area. The Foundations program is lay-level appropriate for all the people in your church and is a great place to start. The Academy program courses are university-level classes on the Bible and theology. The Institute program includes the core classes you would take in Seminary.

How Programs Work


The Foundations program will get you started with a basic understanding of the content and theology in the Bible. It's perfect for people who follow Jesus, but it doesn't assume anything about your knowledge on this subject!


The Academy program is university-level, offering a more in-depth study on a variety of topics. If you know what you believe and have a basic understanding of the Bible yet want to go deeper, the Academy classes are right for you.


The Institute program at has been specifically designed for people wanting a graduate-level education. These core classes are the ones that you would generally attend during your first year at seminary and are taught by some of the most experienced faculty from 18 different seminaries.

Life is a Journey
Bible Survey, A Big Screen Perspective
Understanding the Old Testament
New Testament Overview
55 Classes
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Survey of the Old Testament
Survey of the New Testament
A Guide to Bible Study Methods
A Guide to Biblical Theology
30 Classes
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Old Testament Survey
Biblical Hermeneutics
New Testament Survey: Gospels
New Testament Survey – Acts to Revelation
54 Classes
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