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Facilitating a Small Group

Whether you are a small group leader or want to facilitate a group, you will find many group-friendly classes on our site. Let our teachers do the teaching while you facilitate using all our resources. Be sure to check out our seminar, Learning to Lead a Small Group.

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Certificates and Diplomas provide a structured way to learn the Bible, and award a certificate upon completion. The Diploma is a nine-month program that provides a comprehensive education. Certificates are focused on a particular topic and on average require a month to complete.

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“Biblical Training is a gold mine of resources for the new, ever-shifting church topography. World class scholarship, from some of the best teachers of our generation, made accessible to anybody, and for free! It doesn’t get much better than this.”

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By Dr. Bill Mounce on 10/18/21

Would Jesus Wear a Mask?

It seems that the most notable debate in the church today is not about salvation or sanctification but masks. One side says we must always obey the government. The other side says the other side is no better than the German church in World War II, and we should resist mask mandates.

I wish that the church approached the issues of salvation and sanctification with the same fervor. Can you imagine the effect on our neighborhoods if we focused our passionate feelings about masks toward the unsaved and those not growing in their Christ-likeness?

God of the Middle
By on 8/3/21

God of the Middle

At our last translation meeting for the NIV, one of the translators shared that he had developed a serious illness, and this devotion came out of that circumstance. He entitled it, “God of the Middle,” or, “God of the Mu” (mu being the middle letter of the Greek alphabet, along with nu). I asked if I could share it with you, and he agreed.

By Dr. Bill Mounce on 1/29/21

Whatever Happened to the Golden Rule?

Does the Golden Rule control how we speak with other people? Whether the topic is religious or policitial, can we have a meaningful discussion about significant issues with people who believe differently than we do? Do we listen to them as we want them to listen to us? Or has the Cancel Culture made its way into our lives and that of our churches?

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