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Why We Trust Our Bible, Lesson 15, Dr. Michael J. Kruger
Posted by Dr. Michael J Kruger on September 12, 2018

Canonical Model and Self-Authenticating

You're looking at the Community Determined Model and the weaknesses there and then secondly the Historically Determined Model and the weaknesses there. I advocate in my book, Canon Revisited: Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books (2012), a third model, which is what I call the Self-Authenticating Model. And in essence in that model, I try to address the fundamental problem the other models suffered from. What I argued is that those other models suffered from the main problem of trying to ground the authority of canon in something outside the canon.
What effect did Constantine's conversion have on Christianity?
Posted by Dr. Gordon Isaac on September 6, 2018

What effect did Constantine's conversion have on Christianity?

One of the things that we need to say is that Constantine’s conversion also had a powerful impact on Christian worship. Until Constantine’s time, Christian worship had been relatively simple. At first, Christians began to gather in private homes. Then, they began to gather in cemeteries, such as the Roman catacombs. By the 3rd century, there were structures set aside for worship. The oldest church that archeologists have discovered is that of Dura-Europos which dates from about A.D. 250. This is a fairly small room decorated with very simple murals. 
Online Bible Study, Basics of Spiritual Growth
Posted by Dr. Stephen Martyn on August 29, 2018

Deliver Us From the Evil One

What is the last petition [in the Lord’s prayer]? It is “but deliver us from evil (Matt 6:13).” If you look at what the word actually says, it is “but deliver us from the evil one.” “Deliver us from the evil one.” It is the last petition. Let’s just say, an immense difference exists between being pulled away from evil influence, and actually being snatched out of the crushing clutch of the evil one. We want both, of course. We want both. But the latter one is by far the most serious issue. “Deliver us from the evil one.”

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