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We Learn Best When We Learn Together provides a comprehensive biblical education from world-class professors to encourage spiritual growth in the church.
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Certificates are a series of classes that will give you a deeper understanding of specific topics such as the Bible, theology, leadership, and others. Browse through our Certificate programs today. 

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Three Levels of Training

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Lay-level classes that will enable those who are passionate about their spiritual growth to learn the Bible and its theology

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University-level class for those wanting to go deeper into the Bible and theology

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These seminary classes will allow your people and especially the church staff to benefit from the best of graduate education

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Small Groups

While our classes can be taken by an individual, it is best to take them as a group in your church. This gives you the opportunity to think through, reflect together, and fine-tune what you are learning. To learn more about how to use the classes in your church, click here.

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Dr. J. I. Packer

“The vision that drives BiblicalTraining is twofold. The first part of the dream is that every Christian should be educated and equipped for the fullest use of their spiritual gifts in serving others for Christ's sake. The second part of the dream is that Christian education up to seminary standard should be available free to anyone who can work a computer. What a magnificent, momentous dream! And now it is coming true as more and more courses are made available on the BiblicalTraining website. May God prosper BiblicalTraining mightily! I cannot commend the venture too highly.”

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Latest blogs

The Path Blog, Pray Then Like This
By Dr. Bill Mounce on 3/17/20

“Pray then like this” (Matt 6:9)

In the midst of a world-wide pandemic, do you find it easier or harder to pray? I suspect “easier” in the sense that fear pushes us to pray more often and more fervently. I also suspect “harder” in light of the mounting number of deaths and the minor discomfort of self-quarantine. When I am not sure how to pray, I tend to follow the Lord’s Prayer and fill in the spaces between the lines (so to speak) with the specifics of my life.
Understanding Biblical Theology
By Dr. Miles Van Pelt on 2/19/20

Does the Bible have a Purpose?

What is the relationship between the Old Testament and the New Testament?  Did things go wrong and break in the Old Testament and God had to come, in Jesus, and fix that?  Or is the Old Testament plan A and the New Testament is the consummation of plan A?  Was the fall – Adam and Eve's big goof – in the Garden wrong? It was clearly wrong – but did it catch God with his guard down?  Was it unexpected?  Did He not plan for that?  Or was that the original purpose from before the foundations of the earth?  How does the New Testament address that issue? 
Forgiveness & Confession
By Dr. Bill Mounce on 12/12/19

Forgiveness and Confession

Have you ever sinned against a person and never experienced a full release from the guilt? Have you been sinned against and never been freed from the pain? These are two sides of the same coin, but the remedies are totally different. If you have been sinned against, you have to forgive. No matter how difficult, forgiveness is still a necessity. In his model prayer, Jesus says, “Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors” (Matt 6:12).