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Equipping people to be biblically trained and fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Free Online Bible Courses


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If you are a pastor or church leader, customize your Bible training for your community here. You can customize the look and feel of your landing page on BiblicalTraining, as well as the actual content of your Bible curriculum, which is one of the strengths of BiblicalTraining.org.

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BiblicalTraining.org is not-for-profit ministry that gives all people access to a world-class Christian education. Our classes range from new believers to biblical literacy (“Foundations”), leadership development (“Leadership”), and seminary-level training (“Institute”). These three programs of study insure that your education is systematic and complete. We encourage holistic transformation through mentor/apprentice relationships, learning in community, using the head/heart/hands model. All Bible classes are taught by world-class professors from major seminaries, and we now offer over 1,000 hours in over 90 classes. Our curriculum can even be customized to meet the specific needs of your church or ministry.

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