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We have over 130 classes and seminars. Feel free to look around and find one you like, but we do encourage you to study in a community.



These classes and programs will help your people go deeper in their Bible study and grow spiritually, and will especially help your leaders and their people.


Small Groups

Seminars that will enable your people to go deeper biblically and theologically if they are truly passionate about thewir spiritual growth



Seminary-level training from world-class professors, hand-picked from 17 top English-speaking seminaries



Classes that are appropriate for all followers of Jesus. When you begin, they do not assume you know anything about the Bible, and they will teach you basic Bible content and beliefs. 



The university-level classes will take you deeper than Foundations but not assume you want to be taking graduate-level classes



These seminary-level classes can fully prepare you with the biblical and theological training you need to be an informed leader in your churich


Lay Leadership

A lay leadership program that will help you identify, prepare, and nurture your church leadership so they can lead the church

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Whether you are a leader trying to add a spiritual component to your board meetings, or a small group leader looking for interesting topics, these classes may provide what you are looking for.


Earn a certificate

We offer Certificates of Completion on specific topics, and most satisfy CEU credits. We also offer a one-year Bible diploma, which requires a 33-week commitment, provides a schedule, and encourages you to learn as a group.


Non-english classes

Some of our Foundation classes are in five non-english languages


Library articles

We have a 14,000 article professionally written and edited encyclopedia, as well as lecture transcriptions and an increasing number of books. 

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Latest blogs

The Lord's Prayer
By Dr. Craig Blomberg on 5/10/19

The Disciples' Model Prayer

Does your prayer begin with a focus on God's attributes: his kingship, his holiness, his power? Is your prayer sincere or just rote memorization? Jesus himself modeled prayer for the disciples in Matthew 18:9-10.
We are the Apex of God's Creation
By Dr. Bill Mounce on 4/2/19

I am the Apex of Creation! (2 of 52)

How do you measure your worth? Is your dignity based on what you do? And do you judge other people based on what they do, and not who they are? The sixth day of creation shows us that we are uniquely made in the image of God, and our worth, our dignity, does not come from what we do but who God has made us to be.
The Fork in the Trail Part 4 of 5
By Dr. Bill Mounce on 3/28/19

“Whoever Believes In Him” Part 4 of 5

Jesus says that "whoever believes in him" will be saved. "Whoever" is the promise that all who come in true repentance will be accepted. "Believes" means we are totally convinced that Jesus is who he says he is and will do what he says he will do. And our faith is "in Jesus,"; there is an object to our faith.