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Facilitating a Small Group

Whether you are a small group leader or want to facilitate a group, you can find numerous group-friendly classes on our site. Let our teachers do the teaching while you facilitate using our lecture outlines and other supplementary materials. Many classes have a Student's Guide with reflection questions. If facilitating a group is new to you, you may want to start by attending our three-hour seminar, Small Group Dynamics. You can learn how to use the classes in your church as well as how the online groups and discussion forums function.

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Future Projects

If you are interested in donating for specific projects, you can click here to see which ones we are currently fundraising for, including the Old Testament Survey class with Dr. Miles Van Pelt. This was originally scheduled to record here in Washougal, WA in early March, but was postponed because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The recording is now tentatively scheduled for October 5-9, 2020.

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Earn a Certificate of Completion

Certificates are a series of classes that will give you a deeper understanding of specific topics such as the Bible, theology, leadership, and others. Browse through our Certificates today. 

All certificates will remain 20% off through the end of July. Simply apply the coupon code SPRING2020 at checkout. 

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Three Levels of Training

Level One


Lay-level classes that will enable those who are passionate about their spiritual growth to learn the Bible and its theology

Level Two


University-level class for those wanting to go deeper into the Bible and theology

Level Three


These seminary classes will allow your people and especially the church staff to benefit from the best of graduate education

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Dr. J. I. Packer

“The vision that drives BiblicalTraining is twofold. The first part of the dream is that every Christian should be educated and equipped for the fullest use of their spiritual gifts in serving others for Christ's sake. The second part of the dream is that Christian education up to seminary standard should be available free to anyone who can work a computer. What a magnificent, momentous dream! And now it is coming true as more and more courses are made available on the BiblicalTraining website. May God prosper BiblicalTraining mightily! I cannot commend the venture too highly.”

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Latest blogs

How Hot is Hell?
By Dr. Bill Mounce on 6/30/20

How Hot is Hell?

I've been thinking about hell. The fire department burned down an abandoned house on our property last week. It was fun to watch. They used it for training; they lit a fire in one corner and a group of volunteers marched into the darkness of the smoke with the hose and masks and heavy oxygen tanks. Then they started another fire in another corner, and another group of volunteers put out that fire. It gave me a good sense of appreciation for what firemen do. This went on for 7 hours. While the fire was fun to watch, it was the coals that blasted the heat. The longer it burned, the further I had to retreat. I've never experienced that amount of heat, and that made me think of hell.
By Dr. Bill Mounce on 5/14/20

What is the Sign of our Salvation and their Destruction? (Phil 1:28)

We have an amazing opportunity during this pandemic. We can be a sign to our neighbors of their destruction and our salvation. Sound harsh? Not really. If someone is headed to any kind of destruction, we would tell them. If someone were wading into a river full of alligators, we would tell them. If a friend were driving recklessly, we would tell them (especially if we’re in the car). At the same time, when we do the right thing at the right time in the right way — my definition of bravery — people notice.
Cast all your anxieties on him
By Dr. Bill Mounce on 4/21/20

“Cast All Your (Covid–19) Anxieties on Him” (1 Peter 5:7)

The Bible tells us to take our anxious worries off our shoulders and place them on God. Easier said than done! It reminds me of that old Saturday Night Live skit with Bob Newhart: “Stop it!”