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Free Online Bible Classes

Equipping people to be biblically trained and fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Free Online Bible Courses

Biblical Courses of Study

1. Foundations: for all Christians
2. Leadership: elder development
3. Seminars: general interest
4. Institute: seminary-level pastoral leadership
5. Certificates: special topics of study
6. Customize your own course of study


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BiblicalTraining.org contains over 1,000 hours of classroom instruction for new believers, leadership training and seminary-level instruction. We offer several programs of study so your education can be systematic and complete. We also have seminars for ongoing training, certificates on specific areas of study, and a library of over 14,000 encyclopedia articles on biblical topics. All Bible classes are taught by world-class professors from major seminaries. Whether it’s a single Bible class or a program of study that interest you, our online Bible classes are free of charge and at your fingertips.

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