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What level of class do you want?

Our most common support question is where do I start. There are so many classes on BiblicalTraining! These pages will help you know how to start.

Start with a basic understanding of the content and theology in the Bible. This is where most people should start, even those who grew up in the church.
University-level classes offering a deeper study on the same topics as in Foundations. If you want to go deeper in your studies, these classes are right for you.
These graduate-level classes are the ones a pastor would attend in seminary. They are taught by some of the finest professors from 18 different schools.
Core Classes
We recommend that you take the classes in each Program from top to bottom. These are the core classes for the program.

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BiblicalTraining.org is crowd-funded, which means we rely on the financial generosity of our users. The professors donate their lectures so there are not any ongoing royalties and we do not charge for attending our classes. Please consider joining us in pursuing our mission of helping people around the world grow spiritually as fully-devoted followers of Jesus.


Lots More

You can use the free app available for iOS and Android. This allows you to listen and download lessons so you can access audio recordings even without internet.
The classes listed as Core are the basic classes for the Program and should be taken in order (left to right). But in each Program there are many Electives, classes on various topics and lengths.
Grouped classes that delve into particular subjects. To earn a certificate a fee is required and there are quizzes for each lesson to test your grasp on the material. Upon successful completion, a signed certificate is sent to celebrate your accomplishment. The 'Foundation Bible Certificate' stands out as it encapsulates the core Foundation courses, provides a recommended course schedule, and has an exclusive phone support for queries.
BiblicalTraining.org doesn’t provide degrees; however, if you want to earn an accredited degree, consider Okanagan Bible College. They've integrated our Institute's seminary-level courses into their curriculum.