Biblical Theology - Lesson 11

A Redemptive-Historical Perspective on the Temple

The significance of the Temple in the Old Testament. Christ and his followers are a temple in the new creation of the new exodus out of sin. 

Greg Beale
Biblical Theology
Lesson 11
Watching Now
A Redemptive-Historical Perspective on the Temple

I. Reasons Why the Garden of Eden Was the First Temple

A. It was a unique place of God’s presence.

B. Genesis 2:15

C. The tree of life was probably the model for the lampstand placed directly outside the holy of holies in Israel’s temple.

D. Israel’s later temple had wood carvings in the form of floral arrangements.

E. Not only was Adam to guard this sanctuary, but he was to subdue the earth according to Genesis 1:28.

II. Noah’s Ark Was the Temple of God’s Presence in the Second Creation.

A. The word for Noah’s ark, not in Hebrew but in Greek, is the word that’s used in the Greek OT for the ark of the covenant in Israel.

B. Noah’s ark had three levels, just as the later temple in Israel had three distinct parts.

C. Detailed architectural plans (Ezekiel 40-48; Revelation 21).

D. The ark was where God’s unique presence was during the flood.

E. Noah was a priest.

III. The Features of Israel’s Temple Resemble God’s Temple in Heaven.

A. The statuette cherubim around the Ark of the Covenant reflect the real cherubim who stand guard around God’s throne.

B. The curtains that separate the holy of holies from the holy place are woven with blue thread.

C. The curtains separating the holy of holies had needlework on it of the stars representing the heavens.

D. The temple was divided into three levels.

IV. Christ and His Followers Are a Temple in the New Creation of the New Exodus Out of Sin.

A. Christ is the temple toward which all earlier temples looked and which they anticipated.

B. Not only is Christ the temple but the church is also the temple.


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