Biblical Theology - Lesson 7

Jesus as the Son of God

Jesus' healings represent the restoration of Israel. Jesus as the Son of Man.

Greg Beale
Biblical Theology
Lesson 7
Watching Now
Jesus as the Son of God

VI. Jesus’ Healings Represent the Restoration of Israel and a Reversal of the Curses of the Fall.

VII. Jesus as the Son of Man (God’s Eschatological Adamic Vice-Regent)

A. The “Son of Man” is equal to the “Son of God.”

B. With the phrase “Son of Man,” Jesus intended to reveal himself to be the divine figure of Daniel 7 who was the inclusive representative and head of the plural sons of God, that is, Israel, true humanity.

C. Paul on the Damascus road sees the man Jesus as the exalted Son of Man and Paul describes him as “Son of God” because that was part of the dual intention of Daniel 7:13.


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