Biblical Theology - Lesson 21

The Eschatological Role of the Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the equipper of the Messiah and the eschatological transformer of Israel. 

Greg Beale
Biblical Theology
Lesson 21
Watching Now
The Eschatological Role of the Spirit

II. The Relationship of Eschatology to true Israel, the Church

A. Gentiles may become true Israel by virtue of being united with Christ.

B. The NT presents promises of the OT as being fulfilled unexpectedly.

C. Israelite prophecies of restoration are applied to the Church.

D. The concept of exile is applied to the Church.

The Eschatological Role of the Spirit

I. The Holy Spirit as the Equipper of the Messiah

II. The Spirit Was Also to Be the Eschatological Transformer of Israel

III. The Spirit and the NT

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