Biblical Theology - Lesson 1

Already and Not Yet Eschatology

The use of the phrase "Latter Days" in the Old Testament and references where it occurs.

Greg Beale
Biblical Theology
Lesson 1
Watching Now
Already and Not Yet Eschatology

I. Use of the Term “Latter Days” in the OT

A. Some references to the “latter days”

1. Genesis 49:1 – Jacob’s prophecy concerning the futures

2. Numbers 24:14 – Balaam’s prophecy

3. Isaiah 2:2 – Some Gentiles submit to God

4. Ezekiel 38:16 – Israel oppressed; Spirit given

5. Hosea 3:4-5 – Return from exile

6. Daniel 2:28 – Empires crumble; Divine kingdom set up

7. Daniel 10:14 – Coming of antichrist; persecution

8. Daniel 12:2 – Resurrection

B. In the OT “latter days” refer to the following:

1. A messianic figure who will subdue Israel’s enemies

2. A time when some gentiles will submit to God

3. Future time of God’s reign on earth

4. Israel’s restoration from exile (Hosea 3; Ezekiel 38)

5. Covenant community compromised/remnant faithful

6. Time of the Spirit/end-time Temple (Ezekiel 38)

7. Resurrection and new creation (Daniel 12:2)


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