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Academy Program

Academy Program

University-level classes on the Bible and theology

Do you have a basic understanding of the Bible and what you believe, but want to go deeper? Then BiblicalTraining's Academy is right for you. These university-level classes will teach you about the structure, content, and themes of the Old and New Testament, and introduce you to intermediate Bible study methods. The classes on biblical theology discuss what we believe and why, and there is a focused class on how the Bible was written, how it was transmitted through the centuries, and why we can trust it. You will also learn about spiritual growth and how to avoid the pitfalls of moralism.

BiblicalTraining's Academy is for people who agree with most of these statements.

  • I have attended the Foundations classes.
  • I have attended a church for several years where the pastor teaches the Bible every Sunday.
  • I read my Bible at least three times a week.
  • I use my study Bible once a week.
  • I have attended in-depth Bible studies like BSF and Precepts.
  • I feel the need to organize my theological beliefs.

If you decide to attend this track, we still recommend that you begin your study with Life is a Journey in the Foundations program.

Old Testament Survey Douglas Stuart
Dr. Douglas Stuart
An overview of Genesis through Malachi.


New Testament, its Structure, Content, and Theology Bill Mounce
Dr. Bill Mounce
Overview of the New Testament, its themes, and structure.
Bible Study Methods Strauss
Dr. Mark Strauss
This class will introduce you to the basics questions of how to study your Bible.
Understanding Theology Bruce Ware
Dr. Bruce Ware
Summary of an evangelical understanding of God.
Why We Trust Our Bible Kruger Wallace Mounce Blomberg Bock Piper
Team Taught
Discover why we can trust the Bible.
Spiritual Formation John Coe
Dr. John Coe
How to grow spiritually when you feel stuck.
A Guide to Christian Theology Dr. Breshears
Dr. Gerry Breshears
An overview of what Christians believe, presented in clear, easy-to-understand terms.
Theology of the Reformers Timothy George
Dr. Timothy George
The theology of Luther, Calvin, and other Reformers.
Project: Your Statement of Faith Bill Mounce
Dr. Bill Mounce
Write out your own statement of faith.
Essentials of Church History Gordon Isaac
Dr. Gordon Isaac
A summary of church history.