Church History II - Lesson 10

King Henry the VIII (part 2)

Henry the VIII and his influence on the English Reformation.

Gerald Bray
Church History II
Lesson 10
Watching Now
King Henry the VIII (part 2)

King Henry the VIII (part 2)

• The church’s system

o Benefices

o Vicar

o Tides

• Sir Thomas Muir

o Against Protestantism

• Thomas Cromwell (Vicar General)

o Open to Protestant Ideas

• House of Commons

o Petition to reform the church

• The end of church independence

• Rivalry between King Henry and Luther

• Break with Rome

• Negotiation between England and the protestant powers of Germany

• Luther’s refuse to enter into an agreement with the King

• 10 Articles of religion

• The king’s third wife: Lady Jane Seymour

o Had a son: future King Edward the VI

• In 1538 Anne of Cleves Marries the King

• King Henry allows the printing of the English Bible

• Katherine Howard king’s 5th wife

o The Howard family rejected Protestantism

• Katherine Parr: the 6th wife and last

o Protestant

o Edward and Elizabeth (the king’s children) raised Protestant

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The life and thought of the Christian church from the Reformation to modern times. Designed as an orientation to the shape of the whole tradition with special focus on the history of Christian doctrine and spirituality.

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