Church History II - Lesson 6

The Spreading of the Reformation

This course covers the challenges of the Reformation while spreading to France. John Calvin and others who had a significant role in the spreading of the Reformation are emphasized.

Gerald Bray
Church History II
Lesson 6
Watching Now
The Spreading of the Reformation

The Spreading of the Reformation

• Reformation’s crisis with the present way of ruling

• Definition of reformation (a hard thing to do)

• Confession of faith

• Protestantism

• Hansa league becomes protestant

• Martin Bucer (1491-1551)

o Open minded and respected

o Taught Calvin

o Not well recognize in the 16th century

• France

o First place reached by reformation outside of Germany

o Political problems

o The English kicked out of France

o France afraid of the reformation

• Protestantism

o Not supported in England

o Supported in France

• Roman control resented

• Prince of Orange

• John Calvin

o Academic life

o Becomes a reformer

o More systematic that Luther

o Geneva

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The life and thought of the Christian church from the Reformation to modern times. Designed as an orientation to the shape of the whole tradition with special focus on the history of Christian doctrine and spirituality.

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