Church History II - Lesson 4

Reformation and Theology of Martin Luther

This course covers part II of the life of Luther and a detailed view of the kind of beliefs that started the Reformation, mainly salvation by faith opposed to salvation by works taught by the Roman church.

Gerald Bray
Church History II
Lesson 4
Watching Now
Reformation and Theology of Martin Luther

Reformation and Theology of Martin Luther

• Martin Luther

• Luther’s unexpected reaction by the Roman church

• Sola Scriptura and Canon law

• Canon Law

o Church law to speak where the bible does not

• Luther’s desire for a right understanding of salvation

• Canon law taken as divine

• Luther interested in purification and not destruction

• In the year 1520 Luther is excommunicated

• Supporters of Luther’s cause

• The election process for emperors

• In 1519 Charles the 5th becomes emperor and ruler of most of the western empire

o Priority: to keep Germany united against the Turks

o Luther to present his case before him

• Luther is kidnapped and imprisoned

o Protection for his life

o A time to meditate

o The translation of most of the bible from Hebrew and Greek

o The writing of tracts

• The essence of being saved by grace in detail

o The contrast with Catholicism

o Sanctification and Justification

• The Reformation starts a different church

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The life and thought of the Christian church from the Reformation to modern times. Designed as an orientation to the shape of the whole tradition with special focus on the history of Christian doctrine and spirituality.

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