Church History II - Lesson 5

The Sacraments and Baptism

This course covers the theological differences between what Luther and the Protestant reformers, and the Roman Church believed with respect to baptism and other sacraments.

Gerald Bray
Church History II
Lesson 5
Watching Now
The Sacraments and Baptism

The Sacraments and Baptism

• Luther is in exile (kidnapped)

• Luther’s primary goal and concern

• The papacy put out of commission

• Zwingli revolting against Rome in Switzerland independently of Luther

• Peter Lombard (sacramentarians)

• Luther’s challenge of matrimony

• Transubstantiation (Aristotle’s influence)

• Luther’s objection to transubstantiation

• Luther’s mix of reformed and catholic believes

• Zwingli’s belief of the sacraments

• The Gospel rules out works

• Baptism

o The Anabaptists

o Their beliefs on baptism

• Pelagianism

• Citizen’s meaning of baptism

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The life and thought of the Christian church from the Reformation to modern times. Designed as an orientation to the shape of the whole tradition with special focus on the history of Christian doctrine and spirituality.

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