Buddhism - Lesson 14

Explorations in Buddhist Apologetics (Part 3)

The doctrines of transmigration and reincarnation are central to Buddhism and provide no assurance for Buddhists of their ultimate spiritual destination.

Lesson 14
Watching Now
Explorations in Buddhist Apologetics (Part 3)

Penetrating the Buddhist Heart

Part 3

II. Explorations in Buddhist Apologetics (part 3)

A. Ten Insights from Buddhist converts: an inside view

1. If you meet Christ on the road, you should worship Him:

2. But, what will mom and dad say? Family Ties in a “shame” based culture

3. God of mercy, God of grace!! Amazing love, how can it be that thou My God shouldst die for me!

4. Jesus is “fully God, fully man” – God in the flesh

5. Where’s the Eschaton: The ‘telos’ of the Christian faith!

6. What about the “Self”? Is Self and/or selflessness the same in Christianity and Buddhism?

7. What is inherently wrong with desires?


8. A “second look” at the doctrine of transmigration / reincarnation

9. Has Buddhism “cast out all fear”?

10. Contextualization without Compromise

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This course is an overview of the religion of Buddhism. We are missing four lectures which cover the points in the outline: the rise of Buddhist philosophy, Vajranyana Buddhism, Korean Buddhism and Buddhism in America. Dr. Tennent will record these lessons the next time he lectures on Buddhism.