Buddhism - Lesson 10

Mahayana Buddhist Schools and Lineages (Part 1)

Two invocational Mahayana Buddhist Schools are Chinese “Pure Land” Buddhism and Japanese “Pure Land” Buddhism.

Lesson 10
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Mahayana Buddhist Schools and Lineages (Part 1)

The Emergence of the “Great Vehicle”

Part 5

The first 10 minutes of this lecture is an overview of a test the students took. We left it in because it focuses on some of the main points of Buddhism by referring to student work. It also gives some basic instruction on how to present ideas and what it means to write a "compare and contrast" essay.

VI. Mahayana Buddhist Schools and Lineages

A. Chinese and Japanese Invocational Buddhism

1. Chinese “Pure Land” Buddhism – INVOCATIONAL

a. Dharmakara’s 18th vow

b. Amitaba / Amita Buddha

c. Body of Bliss (Trikaya) and the “pure land”

d. Nembutsu

2. Japanese “Pure Land” Buddhism - INVOCATIONAL

a. Honen (1133-1212) and Jodo-shu

b. Shinran (1173-1262) and Jodo-shin-shu

c. Substitutionary/vicarious atonement

Terms to Know from this lecture:

Pure Land

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This course is an overview of the religion of Buddhism. We are missing four lectures which cover the points in the outline: the rise of Buddhist philosophy, Vajranyana Buddhism, Korean Buddhism and Buddhism in America. Dr. Tennent will record these lessons the next time he lectures on Buddhism.