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Seminary level classes from world-class professors, hand-picked from 17 graduate schools

This program is designed specifically for pastors and those wanting a graduate-level education. All of these classes are taught by some of the finest faculty, handpicked from 17 major seminaries.

These classes are for people who agree with most of these statements.

  • I am a pastor or missionary.
  • I have had some formal education in Bible and Theology.
  • I have consistently studied my Bible in depth for several years.
  • I am committed to serious study.
  • I have several commentaries on multiple books of the Bible.

We recommend that you start with the 11 core classes, which are the classes you would generally attend in your first year at seminary. If you want to continue this level of education, move on to the more than 30 elective classes.

At this time, we do not offer college or seminary credits or degrees for these classes. If you want credits and/or a degree, you will need to find a mentor that will evaluate your progress. You may also contact Okanagan Bible College that uses our classes as the basis for their curriculum by clicking here.


Dr. Douglas Stuart
An overview of Genesis through Malachi.
Dr. Robert Stein
Detailed overview of Matthew through John.
Dr. Robert Stein
Detailed overview of Acts through Revelation.
Dr. Robert Stein
Detailed instruction on how to study your Bible.
Dr. Paul House
The themes of the Old Testament.
Dr. Greg Beale
Seminary level course on Biblical Theology
Dr. Bruce Ware
Introduction to theology, and our view of Scripture and God.
Dr. Bruce Ware
Teaching on Christ, Salvation, the Church, and last things.
Dr. Gary Parrett
This is a seminary-level class on worship and Christian formation.
Dr. Stephen Martyn
Your personal spiritual life and a biblical understanding of the priorities and strategies of ministry are essential to your personal spiritual development and the effectiveness of your ministry. 
Dr. John Johnson
Pastoral care and leadership methods and strategies
Dr. Duane Garrett
Why do we serve God even when we experience suffering? If God is good and powerful, why do we see evil and suffering in the world? Job asks these questions and God answers him.
Dr. Bruce Waltke
Read, understand, and meditate authentically on the Psalms.
Dr. Bruce Waltke
In-depth discussion of how to read and apply Proverbs.
Dr. Bill Mounce
Learn enough Greek to use the study tools better.
Dr. Bill Mounce
Summary lectures over every chapter of Basics of Biblical Greek.
Dr. Daniel Wallace
The history of the Greek text behind modern translations.
Dr. Ben Witherington
An introduction to the New Testament.
Dr. Darrell Bock
What do the four gospels teach us about Jesus?
Dr. Thomas Schreiner
Detailed overview of Acts through Revelation.
Dr. Craig Blomberg
An introduction to the Gospels and Acts.
Dr. Craig Blomberg
An introduction to the epistles and Revelation.
Dr. Craig Keener
A class on the early years of the church.
Dr. Douglas Moo
The most important theological book in the New Testament.
Dr. Douglas Moo
Paul's most emotional letter, with a summary of Pauline theology.
Dr. Bill Mounce
Paul's last three letters to his close friends Timothy and Titus.
Dr. George Guthrie
An exegetical study of Hebrews.
Dr. Robert Mulholland
It is going to get bad, but remain faithful because God wins.
Dr. Craig Blomberg
An in-depth look at the charges against the historicity of the gospels, and the evangelical answers
Dr. Frank Thielman
A detailed discussion of all the major doctrinal themes in the New Testament
Dr. Kenneth J. Collins
 John Wesley's beliefs understood from an historical and theological perspective
Dr. Kenneth J. Collins
John Wesley's theology for the doctrines of the entire process of salvation, the church, and eschatology
Dr. John Johnson
What is a leader in the church: definitions and values.
Dr. John Johnson
Theological discussion of why and how we do ministry.
Dr. Timothy Tennent
An overview of worldwide missions today.
Dr. Timothy Tennent
Detailed overview of Buddhism, and how a Christian can talk with a Buddhist.
Dr. Timothy Tennent
Detailed overview of Hinduism, and how a Christian can talk with a Hindu.
Dr. Timothy Tennent
Detailed overview of Islam, and how a Christian can talk with a Muslim.
Dr. Ronald Nash
This an introductory class to Christian Apologetics.
Dr. Ronald Nash
Interaction of Philosophy and Christian thought the centuries.
Dr. Ronald Nash
Basic introduction to pastoral and social ethics.
Dr. Ronald Nash
How we look at reality, whether we know it or not.
Dr. Michael L. Peterson
The philosophy and theology of C.S. Lewis.
Dr. Gerald Bray
The first 700 years of the Church.
Dr. Gerald Bray
Reformation through the Age of Reason.
Dr. Gordon Isaac
The life and impact of Martin Luther on the Reformation and beyond.
Dr. Peter Kuzmič
A framework for a theology of world missions based on a biblical worldview.
Dr. Robert Tuttle, Jr.
An in-depth look at the issues of evangelism.
Dr. Gary Parrett
Introduction to the ministry of education within the church.
Dr. Bryan Chapell
The principles and practice of sermon-crafting to show the unifying principle of grace.