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Seminary level classes from world-class professors, hand-picked from 17 graduate schools

This program is designed specifically for pastors and those wanting a graduate-level education. All of these classes are taught by some of the finest faculty, handpicked from 17 major seminaries.

These classes are for people who agree with most of these statements.

  • I am a pastor or missionary.
  • I have had some formal education in Bible and Theology.
  • I have consistently studied my Bible in depth for several years.
  • I am committed to serious study.
  • I have several commentaries on multiple books of the Bible.

We recommend that you start with the 11 core classes, which are the classes you would generally attend in your first year at seminary. If you want to continue this level of education, move on to the more than 30 elective classes.

At this time, we do not offer college or seminary credits or degrees for these classes. If you want credits and/or a degree, you will need to find a mentor that will evaluate your progress. You may also contact Okanagan Bible College that uses our classes as the basis for their curriculum by clicking here.