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The Holy Spirit

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In Jesus’ last teaching before his death and resurrection, among other things he taught the disciples about the coming Spirit who will convict the world of its sin, show the world Jesus’ righteousness, and convict the world of its coming judgment. We know this “Spirit” to be the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity.


I. Paraclete - John 14:16-17

Wonderful Promise

II. Spirit Will Teach “all things” - John 14:25-26

A. Sometimes Speaks Quietly

B. Sometimes He Shouts

C. Speaks through Scripture

D. Specifically for the Eleven Disciples

III. Convict the World - John 16:4b-11 (-15)

A. Convict the World of Its Sin

B. Convict the world of righteousness

C. Convict the World of Judgment

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