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The Deity of Christ

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Many years before Christ, God told Moses that his name is “I AM.” Jesus picks this name up to assert that he is in fact the Great I AM, and as such he says things like, “I am the bread of life,” “I am the light of the world.” The mystery of the Trinity is that there is one God, and yet God is three – Father, Son, Spirit. This is difficult to understand, and yet we should not expect to know everything there is to know about God.


I. Imagery of the Sheep and Shepherd

II. John 10:30 – “I and the Father are one”

A. What Jesus Is Not Saying

B. What Jesus Is Saying

III. Mystery of the Trinity

A. Helps us understand other passages in John

B. More to this than mere theological curiosity

C. Doctrine of the Deity of Christ is not just in John

IV. Conclusion

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