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Nicodemus and Rebirth

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Perhaps the most common term used about Christians is being “born again,” or “reborn.” This comes from the account of the Jewish leader Nicodemus. Jesus tells him that if he is to enter God’s kingdom, he cannot get there naturally, through what he can do. Only the supernatural work of God’s Spirit in making us new — so new that it is a rebirth — can accomplish our salvation. All this is explained by the most famous verse in the Bible, John 3:16.


I. Nicodemus the Pharisee

II. Rebirth

A. Necessity of Rebirth

B. Clarification of Rebirth

C. Flesh and Spirit

III. How is This Possible?

A. "Only Son"

B. "Whoever"

C. "Believes In(to)"

D. "Eternal Life"

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