Theology of Work - Lesson 2

Who God Is: Pictures of God

Gerry Breshears
Theology of Work
Lesson 2
Watching Now
Who God Is: Pictures of God

Lesson 2 - Who God Is: Pictures of God


  1. The Relational God:  God as Unity and Trinity, in Community

Genesis 1:26-27


  1. The Self-Giving God

John 14-16


  1. False Pictures of God






  1. God as Co-worker

Genesis 2: 15-25


  1. God as dying Messiah

Genesis 3:1-24


  1. God as Covenant Partner

Isaiah 6:1-13

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We are created in God's image and God invites us to be co-workers with him. By developing and using the spiritual gifts God has given us, the tasks we perform when we work have eternal significance in themselves. We also have opportunities to interact with our co-workers, promote justice and enjoy times of rest.

So what is God calling you to do? Is his calling only for pastors and “professional ministers” or is it something that applies to all of his people? Dr. Gerry Breshears, professor of systematic theology at Western Seminary, explores key questions such as who God is, what he has created people to be, how being the image of God affects the way we approach work, and what is the role of spiritual gifts in our job. This course will expand your vision of what work is all about, as you come to see yourself as God’s co-worker and representative.

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