Essentials of Old Testament Theology - Lesson 3

God and His People

God's relationship with his people.

Paul House
Essentials of Old Testament Theology
Lesson 3
Watching Now
God and His People

God and His People

God makes covenants with his people. He relates to them in understandable Ways and forms. He calls them to self, holds them responsible for high standards, and makes promises to them.

I. God Redeems and Calls His People to Himself: The Abrahamic Covenant

  • From idolatry and sin (Josh 24:2-3)
  • For relationship with God (Gen 12:1-9)
  • For blessing the nations (Gen 12:1-9)
  • From slavery (Ex 1–15)

II. God Instructs His People for Relationship and Witness: The Mosaic Covenant

  • Purpose of law: holy nation (Ex 19:5-6; Ex 20:1-2); reflect relationship with God (Lev 11:44).
  • Purpose and usages of the law: condemn; inhibit; guide to holiness and forgiveness; reflect lawgiver; joyous to those in relationship with God (see Ps 119).
  • See Romans 9:30-32.

III. God Forgives His People: The Mosaic Covenant

  • Ex 34:6-7 = It is his nature to be merciful and just.
  • Lev 1–7 = It is based on sacrifice.
  • Dt 30:1-11 = It effected through repentance.

IV. God Prepares a Future for His People: The Davidic and New Covenant

  • 2 Sa 7 = An eternal kingdom. This kingdom has begun.
  • Jer 31 = A new covenant. This covenant has been enacted.
  • Isa 65 = An eternal home. This home has been prepared (see Jn 14:1ff.)

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