Old Testament Theology

The themes of the Old Testament.

About this Class

Dr. Paul House walks you through the theology of the entire Old Testament. His textbook, Old Testament Theology, is a standard in the field and now you can enjoy hearing him talk through the topic and enjoy his unique humor. The lectures were originally given when Paul was guest lecturing at Beeson Divinity School in 2002.

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  • Length:
    20 hours
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    Beeson Divinity School
  • Subject:
    Biblical Theology
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Introduction to the methodology of doing Old Testament Theology


Methodology of OT Theology


Final comments on history; Creation in Biblical Theology


Discusses a possible theme that runs throughout the Old Testament. Also discusses the doctrine of creation and the doctrine of God's knowledge of the future.


Discusses the essential relationship between the Creator and his people


After answering a series of questions, House deals with the basic purposes of the Law and the relationship between faith and the Law


Treats the purpose of the law as reflected in the sacrificial system.


Discusses the role of law and salvation throughout Scripture


After discussing hermeneutical principles as to how Old Testament laws are understood in the New Testament, House goes on to discuss the God of history


Develops the theme of God as Ruler of all history and its implications.


"God who Sends a Savior." Established the roots of the Messianic Promise in the Law and then develops the theme in connection with the Abrahamic covenant.


“God, who Sends a Savior (continued).” Traces the Messianic promise in connection with the Davidic covenant.


"God, who sends a Savior (continued)." Discusses the Servant passages in Isaiah.


"God, who sends a Savior (continued)." Demonstrates how the Davidic promises come together into the Son of Man theology.


"God, who Merits Worship." Traces Messianic themes from the Old Testament as they appear throughout the New Testament.


"God who merits Worship (continued)."


"God who Meets the Hurting."


"God who Meets the Hurting (continued)."


"God whose Word is a Unity."


"God whose Word is a Unity (continued)."

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Professor of Old Testament

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