Mentoring the New Believer - Lesson 5


The importance of baptism for a new believer.


Bill Mounce
Mentoring the New Believer
Lesson 5
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I. Baptism

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  • Working through some basics with a mentor can help you as a new believer to get started on the right path.

  • A discussion of what biblical salvation means including repentance, relationship, belief and counting the cost.

  • God will give you the desire to change and the ability to do it. We hear the gospel call, we respond in repentance and faith and God justifies  us by declaring us not guilty. 

  • The importance of baptism for a new believer.

  • When we stumble, it's important to confess and move on. Temptation isn't sin.

  • The Bible is a trustworthy and authoritative revelation of God to us. 

  • Prayer is talking to and listening to God. Worship happens when God reveals himself and you respond appropriately.

  • Jesus is both fully God and fully human. 

  • The Holy Spirit is the part of the Trinity that does the regenerating work at salvation and indwells followers of Jesus to guide them along the path.

As a new believer begins their walk with God, a mentor can help them understand what a relationship with God is like and what they can expect along the path. By listening to the comments of the new believer as they interact with the New Believer's curriculum, a mentor can help correct some misconceptions and guide the new believer to get started in the right direction. This class will help prepare you for the types of questions the new believer may ask, and give you answers and resources to continue the dialogue with them. This is the first time Bill has taught this class, and it will be updated in early 2013. We are missing the last several lectures.