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Paul wants the church in Philippi to understand humility. They should agree on one central focus, and that is a humility that stems from a right understanding of who you are in Christ. As an example, we look no further than Jesus, who is God, lowering himself to be human, and in return being exalted. In response, we should take great care at working out the implications of what it means to be saved.


I. Introduction

A. Live Worthy of the Gospel (1:27)

B. Stand Firm

II. Same Mind (2:1-4)

A. Agreed on one central focus

B. Our lives must be characterized by humility

III. Humiliation (2:6-8)

IV. Exaltation (2:9-11)

V. Application (2:12-13)

A. Work Out Your Salvation

B. Why Are We Able?