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Assurance and Perseverance

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The book of Hebrews is a deep theological study on the superiority of Christ over everyone and everything else. Interspersed throughout the teaching are the “Warning” passages in which the author encourages his readers to not fall away from their faith. If people do leave the Christian faith, they can have no assurance that they truly are Christians.


I. Solution

A. Teacher: Superiority/Pre-Eminence of Christ

B. Pastor: interspersed – warning passages – must "persevere"

II. Summarized at the very beginning (1:1-3)

III. Greater than the angels

IV. Superior to Moses (3:12-14)

V. Greater than the High Priest (4:14)

VII. Third warning passage (5:11)

VIII. Second reason of full assurance

IX. Encouragement – what the Christian life is supposed to look like

X. What's the point?

A. Jesus is pre-eminent over all – greatest joy, deepest delight

B. We can have full assurance that we truly are God's children

XI. But what about those who are not living out their profession of faith

A. If someone not sure about their salvation

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