Essentials of Christian Apologetics - Lesson 4

Existence of God (pt 2)

Ronald Nash
Essentials of Christian Apologetics
Lesson 4
Watching Now
Existence of God (pt 2)

The Existence of God

Part 2

II.  Proofs for the Existence of God: Intelligent Design

A.  Recent Scientific Discoveries

1.  Two Kinds of Order

a.  Natural set of causes

b.  Intelligent cause

2.  A Comment About Darwinism

B.  The Black Box of the Human Cell

1.  What is a black box?

2.  Behe's Notion of Irreducible Complexity

a.  Mousetrap

b.  The Human Cell

i.  Cilium

ii.  Vesicular transport

C.  Information Systems and the Cell

For more information, see:

The full course, Christian Apologetics, Lecture #8 The Existence of God

Nash, Faith and Reason, pp. 121-174.

Nash, Life's Ultimate Questions, pp. 296-305

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