BibleProject Torah Series - Lesson 2

The Book of Genesis - Part 2/2 - BibleProject Torah Series

In this lesson, you'll gain an understanding of the second part of the Book of Genesis, which focuses on one family: Abraham's. God makes promises to Abraham to bless him and his descendants, intending to use this family to restore humanity to its original goodness. The story follows the generations of Abraham's family, from Isaac and Jacob to Joseph, and their various struggles and triumphs. Despite the family's dysfunction, God continues to work through them, ultimately turning their evil actions into good. This theme is exemplified in the story of Joseph, who rises to power in Egypt after being sold into slavery by his brothers, ultimately saving them from famine and demonstrating God's power to redeem and transform.
Taught by a Team
Taught by a Team
BibleProject Torah Series
Lesson 2
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The Book of Genesis - Part 2/2 - BibleProject Torah Series

BP110-02: The Book of Genesis - Part 2 of 2

I. The Two Main Parts of Genesis

A. First Part: From the Garden to the Tower of Babel

B. Second Part: Focus on One Family

II. God's Promises to Abraham

A. Blessings and a Large Family

B. Restoration of Humanity

III. Generations of Abraham's Family

A. Isaac and His Sons

B. Jacob and His Twelve Sons

IV. Joseph's Story

A. Betrayal and Slavery

B. Rise to Power in Egypt

C. Reunion and Redemption

  • This lesson provides a comprehensive understanding of Genesis Part 1, exploring creation, the fall, and early humanity, while examining key figures and events in biblical history.
  • In the second part of Genesis, you'll explore the story of Abraham's family and witness how God works through their dysfunction to fulfill His promises, ultimately turning their evil actions into good and using them to restore humanity.
  • You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Book of Exodus, which tells the story of Moses leading Israel out of slavery in Egypt through the ten plagues and the Passover meal. Despite their salvation, the Israelites struggle in the desert, but God provides for them. The book's significance lies in its contribution to liberation theology and foreshadowing of Christ's redemption.
  • You will gain insight into the book of Exodus, its significance in the Old Testament, and its application to Christian life, emphasizing the themes of covenant, law, redemption, deliverance, God's faithfulness, and the presence of God in our lives.
  • You will learn about the book of Leviticus as a solution to the problem of living near God's holiness. Leviticus shows how Israelites can live near God's goodness without being destroyed through rituals, priesthood, and purity laws. The Day of Atonement is the center of the book, where the priests take two goats - one is killed and its blood symbolically covers Israel's sin, while the other, the Scapegoat, carries away the sins of Israel. Leviticus shows Israel's God as totally different from other gods in ancient times, providing a clear way for Israel to know they are forgiven and safe to live near His presence.
BP110-02 - The Book of Genesis - Part 2 of 2 Jon: We're walking through the book of Genesis which is made up of these two main parts. Tim: In the first part begins in the Garden where we watched humanity spiral downward in self-destruction and it ends in the Tower of Babel where a rebellious humanity is scattered by God. Jon: Then the second part Genesis zooms in and focuses on just one family Tim: And right in the middle is this story that links the two parts of Genesis together and helps us understand what the whole book is all about. Jon: So how do we get from the Tower of Babel to the story here in the middle? Tim: Well after the scattering at Babel there's this genealogy and it follows one of the tribes all the way down to this one guy named Abram. Jon: You probably know him as Abraham. Tim: And God starts making all these promises to Abraham like He's going to bless him and give him a ton of kids and He says that through him and his family all the nations of the earth are now going to find God's blessing. Basically God is trying to restore humanity back to the goodness of the Garden into His original intentions for the world. So it's like His rescue plan for humanity. That's why the whole second half of Genesis is about this one family. And so you have Abraham and then he has a son Isaac who has Jacob and then Jacob has twelve sons. And to each generation God renews His promise to bless them and all nations through them Jon: So because of this promise to use this family to rescue the world it's pretty easy to read these stories as examples of how to be a good person. Tim: But actually, for the most part, this family is totally dysfunctional. So, for example, let's go back to Abraham. This whole story is about God giving him and his wife Sarah a family. But two different times he basically gives Sarah away to other men by denying that she's even his wife. And then Sarah gets impatient about having a son so she makes Abraham sleep with her serving girl which then causes all of these other problems in the family. Jon: So they get really old and you begin to think that there's no way they're going to have a kid of their own. But then, miraculously, they do. It's Isaac. Tim: And Isaac he has two sons: Esau and Jacob and it seems like things are going pretty good. Jon: But, Jacob, the younger brother wants the family's inheritance, which belongs to Esau the older brother, so he devises a plan where he's gonna steal it from his father Isaac who at this point the story is now old and blind. Tim: Which who does that? It's horrible stealing from your blind father. Jon: Yeah and then he just takes off. Tim: So Jacob goes on from there to have twelve sons, a big family. But, Jacob loves his eleventh son, Joseph way more than all the others and so he gives him this special technicolor dream-coat and his brothers, because of this, come to hate him. Jon: So much so that they plan on killing him. Tim: But they don't. They, instead, just sell them as a slave down in Egypt. Jon: Now, while in Egypt, through this crazy series of events, Joseph goes from being in a prison cell to becoming the second in command there. Tim: And so later on that the whole Middle East falls into this food shortage and Joseph's brothers they come down to Egypt looking for food. And then, when they get there, who should they find as the ruler of the whole land? Jon: It's Joseph, that guy they sold into slavery. But, he actually saves them from starving to death. Tim: And so here you have it: these are the great grandchildren of Abraham who have done this heinous act to their brother but God has transformed to their evil into something good. Jon: And that's exactly what Joseph says here in the last paragraph of the entire book. He says, "You guys planned all this for evil but God planned it for good to save people's lives." Tim: Now these words they conclude the book because they actually summarize the message of the whole story so far. Humans keep choosing evil and we are thinking they're screwing up God's plan but He keeps turning their evil back into good and somehow He's going to use this family to restore humanity back to the Garden. Jon: So that's the book of Genesis but we still don't know how exactly He's going to use this family to bring us back to the Garden. Tim: Well yeah, but this is just the first book so that's what the rest of the Bible sets out to answer. Hey there, I'm Tim and this is Jon. We believe the best way to understand the Bible is to get a handle on its overall storyline as well as the individual design of every book. If you're wondering where we make all these videos we make them in Portland, Oregon.