Free Online Bible Classes | Drawing Near to God When God Seems Far Away (pt 2)

Drawing Near to God When God Seems Far Away (pt 2)

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The point of the dark night is to cure us of wanting God on our terms. It is an intensified movement of the indwelling spirit to fill us, rather than to just give us consoling love. When we experience dry times, God is showing us where our treasure really is and is calling us to a journey of the soul. It will often feel more psychological than spiritual.


3. Dark night of the senses:

a. Biblically, this stage is likened to the young men (1 John 2:12-14)

b. God withdraws spiritual pleasure

c. The experience: equipoise in the heart (ambivalence over loves)

d. Signs of being in a dark night.

e. The temptation: these pave a certain road to spiritual burnout.

f. Remember: This dryness is a new, more profound work of God in our deep in order to have a true, honest relationship.

B. The point of the dark night:

C. What to do/not to do

D. What if a leader is in a dark night?

E. Churches sometimes have their own developmental histories.

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