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Do We Know Who Wrote the Gospels?

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While the gospels are anonymous, tradition is very strong as to who wrote Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and all four authors were in a position to know the truth and we can trust their writings. If the church did not care about authorship traditions, they would not have picked these four.


1. Challenge

Can’t trust since the gospel writers may have changed the message or didn’t know it to begin with

2. Traditional answers

a. First century documents

b. Within 60 years of the events narrated

3. Another way to look at this issue

a. Charge: Church picked a well-known, well-trusted person and attached his name to the gospel

b. We actually know this happened for other writings, based on the stories that were made up in later apocryphal gospels.

c. If the church had such a low regard for the issue of authorship, would they have attributed the gospels to these four?

4. Conclusion

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