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The Work of Jesus Christ: Summary

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The most significant aspect of the past work of Christ is the atonement. Some people teach that the extent of the atonement is limited, while others teach that it is unlimited. Christ's present work is mediator and Lord. His future work is coming judge and reigning king.


The Work of Jesus Christ: Summary

4. Extent of the Atonement

a. Issue is not the sufficiency of Christ’s death as the atonement for all sin

b. Offer of salvation is extended to everyone

c. Issue: What is God’s intention in offering his son as an atoning sacrifice?

1. It was God’s intention to save people by his Son’s death

2. It was God’s intention to provide a payment for sin for all people whereby if people believe they are saved

d. Limited Atonement: Since Jesus died to save people from son Since only the elect are saved he only died for them

1. Christ died to save people. Since all are not saved, he died for the elect

2. Ethical Argument: how could God hold people accountable to pay for their sin if it was already made by Christ

e. Unlimited Atonement: Christ died to pay the penalty of sin for all people

1. Universal Divine Love: How could God not make the payment for sin available to all people?

f. Un/Limited Atonement: Whole debate skewed by question? Instead ask: What were God’s intentions in the atonement?

1. Purpose of securing the sure and certain salvation of the elect

2. Died to pay the penalty of sin for all people making it possible for all people to be saved

3. Christ died for the purpose of making a genuine offer of salvation available to all people

4. Christ death on the cross provides additional basis for human’s condemnation

5. Christ died to reconcile all things to himself

B. Present work of Christ: work as mediator and Lord

C. Future work of Christ: work as coming judge and reigning king

1. Work as judge

2. Reign as king

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