Resisting the Temptation of Moral Formation (pt 2)

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Parenting by guilt and shame encourages a child to do good to avoid consequences and cover their bad, rather than pursuing a relationship with God in order to let Him change their motives by transforming them from the inside.


c. Third Question: How did we become Christian moralists?

d. Fourth Question: How can we learn to depend on the Cross and the Spirit?

e. Fifth Question: What will happen to my spiritual life if I cannot resist the moral temptation?


Open your heart deeply to the reality of the Cross and the Spirit. Meditate on the following Scriptures and pray the following prayers of intention for several minutes each. 

a. Read 2 Cor. 12:9-10. Pray: “Lord, I no longer want to deal with my guilt in the power of my self, to hide from the truth of myself. I wish to come into the open with you about the truth of myself. I want to open to you in weakness, in my neediness so that I may depend upon Christ and the Cross to deal with my guilt. Teach me about this.” 

b. Read Phil. 3:7-10. Pray: “Lord, I no longer want to deal with my shame in the power of myself, to cover my sin and badness by being good. I no longer want a righteousness of my own derived from obeying the law but that which is through faith in Christ. Teach me about this.” 

c. Read John 15:5. Pray: “Lord, I no longer want to live my life alone in the power of the self. I want to learn to depend upon your Spirit, to be filled with your Spirit. Teach me about this.

Open your heart in prayer to whether these prayers really are the desire of your heart. If so, open to this. If not, then talk with God about what really is going in your heart.



If a spiritual friend is doing this prayer project as well, share together what each has learned and what happened in the prayer time. After each shares, pray for one another regarding what you heard the other share.


48 min