Ron Pyle

Ron Pyle

Whitworth University

Ron graduated from Washington State University in 1979.  After completing his undergraduate degree, he worked in youth ministry for four years during which time he also completed an MA in theology through Fuller Theological Seminary.  He also holds an MA and Ph.D. in Speech Communication from the University of Washington and came to Whitworth College in 1988. 

During his 1999 sabbatical, he studied African-American preaching and the process of analyzing sermons rhetorically. Since coming to Whitworth College, Ron has been honored by his faculty peers with the “Whitworth Teaching Excellence Award” and has been named by seven graduating classes as their “Most Influential Professor.” 

He teaches a variety of courses related to interpersonal relationships, theories of communication, and analysis of social influence.  He also teaches courses in preaching and small group ministry in Whitworth’s Certification for Ministry program.   Ron leads seminars for pastors and church staff on topics ranging from pulpit communication to conflict management in the church.  Ron was married to his wife, Julie, who died on May 17, 2015. Together, they were involved in pre-marriage counseling and marriage mentoring ministries. Ron has three adult children. 

  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) - University of Washington
  • Master of Arts (MA) - University of Washington
  • Master of Arts (MA) - Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Washington State University

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Ron Pyle
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Ron Pyle
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