Process of identifying and training elders

Process of identifying and training elders

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About this Class

How do you find, cultivate, and train leadership in your church? We are in the process of researching this topic, so there are no videos. But we are sharing through text what we are learning.

Please, if you know of a process of identifying, vetting, and training leaders, please let us know. It is greatly appreciated.


Lecture 1

We start by comiting to be deliberately biblical.

Lecture 2

Who is doing the work of an elder already?

Lecture 3

Invite these people into mentor relationships with existing elders. Get to know them. Discover their heart. Do they love Jesus? Do they appear to be qualified in their competencies and character? Do they function well in community?

Lecture 4

When you start to discuss with them, what are the question you want to ask

Lecture 5

Release their names to the congregation as potential leaders. If someone has an objection, they must first go to the potential elder (Matthew 18). If they feel unsafe, they should take someone with them, possibly an elder. (If they come directly to an elder, then they are violating Matthew 18.)

Either the issue is resolved, or if true the potential elder can withdraw their name.

Lecture 6

If the Seven Minute Manager has taught us anything, it is to give people a limited amount of responsibility. YOu are looking not only to see how they perform, but more importantly how they handle responsibility and power.

Lecture 7

The people need to understand how important biblical, qualified leadership is to the health and future of the church. This can be communicated from the pupil, through small groups, and many other ways.

Lecture 8

We strongly urge you to take a personality/gifts assessment. The Greek adage, "Know thyself" is never truer than when you are leading a church and especially a team of people (staff, elders, etc). The first one below is used by Freedom to Lead in our Certificate, but we have listed others you may find helpful.

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