Problem of Pain (part 2)

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If God chooses to create a nature, this signifies a physical system which indicates a relatively independent nature independent from himself, it would make a lot of sense to say he is frequently intervening.  The same laws that make nature a stable environment in which rational soulish life can emerge, are also the same laws that make us vulnerable. Pain is God’s megaphone to arouse a deaf world. He might whisper to us in our pleasures, but he shouts to us in our pain. Question about whether God initiates the pain or he set up a system which results in pain because of the way it’s structured.

C.S. Lewis Lecture 7d


Problem of Pain (part 2)

I. Divine Omnipotence (chapter 2)

A. Unlikely that God would frequently intervene

B. Why would God create a system with biological organisms that experience pain?

C. Nature provides a neutral setting which allows relationships to exist.

II. Divine Goodness (chapter 3)

A. Divine goodness vs. sentimental ideas of kindness

B. God may hurt us but never harm us

C. Ambiguity about pain being used for good.

D. Book of Job

E. Role of pain in the garden of Eden before the Fall


47 min

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