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The Divinity of Jesus Christ

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The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ had attributes belonging solely to God, and did works that were done by God alone. Christ was worshipped and accepted worship. He Himself claimed to be God.


The Person of Jesus Christ (Part 2)

C. Deity of Christ (continued)

2. Attributes of God that are predicated of Christ

a. Eternity

b. Immutability

c. Omnipotence

3. Works only God can do, done by Christ

a. Creation

b. Preservation

c. Gives eternal life

d. Forgiveness of sins

4. Worship belonging to God alone is given to Christ

a. Peter and Paul reject worship from others

b. John instructed not to worship the angel

c. Christ himself receives and accepts worship

d. The Father commands that Christ be worshipped

e. Worshipped with the Father in eternity

5. Jesus’ own claims to be God

a. John 8:58

b. John 10:30

c. John 17:5,24

d. Mark 14;61-62; Matt. 26;63-64

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