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Lecture 1: The Incarnation

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Both the Old and New Testaments teach that Jesus Christ is both fully God and fully human. The Old Testament contains specific references to His pre-incarnate existence. The New Testament teaches that the incarnation is an historical event that was prophesied in the Old Testament. Christ fulfills the roles of prophet, priest and king. His deity is emphasized by the names of God that are ascribed to Him.


I. The Person of Jesus Christ (Part 1)

A. Pre-incarnate existence

1. Christ as God

a. Jahweh

b. Angel of the Lord

2. Christ with other divine names

3. New Testament testimony to Jesus

a. Jesus’ own testimony

b. Other New Testament testimonies

B. Incarnation of Jesus: in time and history

1. Prophecies

a. Birth

b. Christ’s life and ministry

c. Death

d. Christ’s coming glory and rulership

2. Main purposes of incarnation

a. Prophet

b. Priest

c. King

C. Deity of Christ

1. Names of God ascribed to Jesus

a. Theos

b. Son of God

c. Son of Man

d. Lord, Lord of Glory

e. First and Last

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