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Pastoral Leadership and Innovation

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What got you here won’t get you there. Read current publications to keep up on culture. People like Stuart Murray suggest strategies for connecting with people in this post-Christendom era. Balance the tension between tradition and innovation. Evaluate why people are coming to your church as well as why they leave. Engage the world but don’t become like the world.


Pastoral Leadership and Innovation

I. Watch for Trends

A. Ideas from Stuart Murray

1. People in your congregation in different places of believing and belonging

2. Create a strategies that challenge people to believe and belong

a. Work at closing the back door

1. Pursue leavers so they don't think that no-one cares

2. Listen humbly even if it hurts or it's not fair

3. Assess the reasons and respond accordingly

b. Make the front door attractive

1. Post-Christendom churches must work through three paradigm shifts

B. Be selective in your reading

II. Experiment with different strategies

III. Questions

A. As you choose new strategies, how do you engage the world without becoming like the world?

B. Tension between traditional and new

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