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Lecture 10: Pastoral Care and Weddings

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There has been a disintegration of the institute of marriage in the American culture over the past 60 years. People in our culture today traditionally get married in a church. Meet with the couple before you agree to marry them. Have procedures and policies in place for use of the church building and your involvement. Suggest that the couple choose one of the following passages as the main focus of the wedding ceremony: Col 3:12-14; I Cor 13:4-7; Phil 2:1-4; Gen 2:24-25; Ecc 4:10-13.


Pastoral Care and Weddings

I. Introduction

II. Initial Questions about Marriage

A Should the church be in the marrying business?

B. How do we handle requests to use the church from people outside the church?

C. What would you do if you are convinced that two people should not marry?

D. What if a couple is living together?

III. Guidelines for Who to Marry

A. Go through the premarital counseling far enough that you can be confident that it's God's will

B. Don't commit to marrying a believer and an unbeliever

C. Is it ok to marry two unbelievers?

IV. Guidelines for Preparing for the Wedding

A. Have a good plan for premarital counseling

B. Ask people who are living together to separate

C. Be aware of legalities

D. Have a set of procedures and policies in place

E. Gather the initial wedding information

F. Give careful thought to the rehearsal

1. Pre-rehearsal

2. Rehearsal

G. Guidelines for the wedding

1. Set the tone

2. Maintain order

a. Processional

b. Ritual

c. Recessional and signing

V. Concluding Thoughts

VI. Questions

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