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Lecture 2: Pastoral Care and Caring for Yourself

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Convergence is where your greatest passion, giftedness and abilities line up with the greatest opportunity. When managing your time, don't measure your success only in how busy you are. God has not called to do, but to be. Be on a lifelong journey of becoming so you have a reservoir to give from in both your relationships and your preaching. 


Pastoral Care and Caring for Yourself

I. Moving from a passive to active model

A. People have busy schedules

B. Churches need to understand their identity

II. Care for Yourself

A. Self-discipline required

1. We are sinful people by nature

2. We have a certain aversion to God

B. Ministry itself tells you this

III. What Must You Manage?

A. Your strengths and weaknesses

1. Focus on your strengths

2. Aim for convergence

B. Your family

1. Keeping things in order

2. Discipleship begins here

C. Your Time (Ephesians 5:16)

1. You can consume your time in nothingness

2. Don't surrender to the demands of expectations

D. Manage your motives

1. Win approval

2. Personal ambition

E. Your purity

1. Mortify the flesh

2. Boundaries in counseling

F. Your finances

1. Discover a financial planner

2. Credibility in handling church finances

3. Keeps you from being generous

G. Your personal growth

1. Ministry can dull you quickly

2. Ministry is a constant spiritual discharge

III. Ways we manage

A. Read the Word for your soul

B. Enter into solitude and listen to God's voice

C. Pray fervently

D. Stretch your mind

III. Question

A. Reading scripture and listening to God's voice

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32 min 25 sec

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