Privacy, Cookies, and Recurring Giving

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We wanted you to know we have updated our Privacy statement and Cookies statement. Click on the previous links, or access them from the footer on any page. If you want to change any of your personal data, just log in, go to your user dashboard, and edit your account. Your data has always been secure and private, but we had to update our statements to comply with the new EU regulations.

As far as news is concerned, we are days away from releasing a new Foundations' course, The Basics of Spiritual Growth. The speaker, Steve Martyn (not the banjo player), is a professor at Asbury Theological Seminary and he based his talk on the Lord's Prayer. We will be sending out a notification, but you can get a sneak preview.

Bill Mounce

P.S. With the recent change we made to using PushPay for donations, it is easier than ever to give monthly; and if you give directly from your bank, we are charged only 1% (as opposed to the 3% a credit card charges). Thanks for your support.