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Miracles (part 2)

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There is a supernatural power or being that is ontologically distinct from nature (transcendent). It is self-existent. Every world view must propose what is fundamentally real. For the naturalist, it is the physical world. For the theist, it’s a transcendent deity. Everything that is not God is dependent/contingent on God for its being. The theist says that the deity can bring about events that would not have happened by the regular operation of nature. 


Miracles (part 2)

I. Supernaturalism (Theism)

II. Criteria for Judging a Worldview

A. Internal and logical consistency

B. Coherence

C. Explanatory adequacy

D. Cosmological argument

III. Cardinal Difficulty of Naturalism

A. Naturalism’s problem with human rational thought

B. Distinction between reasons and causes

C. Comments and questions

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