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Literary Forms

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The Gospels record how Jesus used different literary forms to communicate his teachings. He communicated effectively with everyone including children, common people, religious leaders and foreigners. He used a variety of literary devices to communicate in a way that was effective and memorable. (This class was taught by a teaching assistant of Dr. Stein's but his name was not provided.) 


The Teachings of Jesus

Part 2

I. Literary Forms

A. Puns

B. Proverbs

C. Riddles

D. Paradox

E. A Fortiori

F. Use of Questions

1. Rhetorical Questions

2. Counterquestion

G. Parabolic Actions

H. Poetry

1. Synonymous Parallelism

2. Antithetical Parallelism

3. Step Parallelism

4. Chiasmic Parallelism

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