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ZUR zûr (צ֑וּר, meaning rock) refers to two different people mentioned in the Old Testament:

  • A Midianite leader, father of the woman Cozbi who married an Israelite named Zimri, of the house of Simeon during the period of wilderness wandering (Num 25:15; 31:8; Josh 13:21) when some of the Israelites became involved in the worship of Moab. Phinehas the grandson of Aaron slew the guilty parties (Num 25:11). Zur met his death in a campaign between Israel and five Midianite princes (Josh 13:21). This may have been during the battles against Sihon and the Amorites.
  • A Benjaminite who lived in Gibeon (1 Chron 8:30; 9:36). He was the son of Jehiel and the brother of Kish, Saul’s father (1 Chron 9:35, 36, 39).
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