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Zobah, Zoba

ZOBAH, ZOBA (zō'ba, Heb. tsôvâh). A region in central Syria, sometimes under one king (2Sam.8.3); but in its first occurrence (1Sam.14.47) we read that Saul of Israel fought against the kings of Zobah, which may indicate more than one kingdom or possibly successive kings. The kings of Zobah were persistent enemies of Israel, not only fighting against Saul, but also against David (2Sam.8.1-2Sam.8.18) and Solomon. Solomon captured Hamath Zobah (2Chr.8.3), and we hear no more of this kingdom. The servants of Hadadezer in the days of David had shields of gold (2Sam.8.3-2Sam.8.12) and a large army, all of which David captured. Later the Ammonites, in warring against David, hired mercenary troops from Zobah, and these too were badly defeated (2Sam.10.1-2Sam.10.19). It lay between Hamath and Damascus. It is called Zoba in Hebrew and KJV.