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Zoba, Zobah

ZOBA, ZOBAH zō’ bə (צﯴבָ֗א, or צֹ֫ובָ֥ה an element in אֲרַ֣ם צﯴבָ֗א, LXX Σουβα, prob. Akkad. ṩubiti) an Aramaean (q.v.) kingdom which flourished during the early Heb. monarchy. Its exact location is not known, but in 2 Samuel 8:8 reference is made to Berothai in the kingdom of Zobah from which David obtained copper. This may be the later Bereitan in the Biqa’ region between the Lebanon ranges, and identical with Berothah of Ezekiel 47:16 at the ideal northern frontier of Israel between Damascus and Hamath. The towns Tibhath (Tebah) and Chun (Cun) referred to in 1 Chronicles 18:8 are known in Egyp. texts.

In Solomon’s time, Rezon, a fugitive from the king of Zobah, established himself in Damascus and became a source of trouble to Solomon (1 Kings 11:23).

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