ZIOR (zī'ôr, Heb. tsî‘ōr, smallness). A town in the southern part of the Promised Land given to Judah in the days of Joshua (Josh.15.54). It was probably near Hebron.

ZIOR zī’ ôr (צִיעֹ֑ר) a town in the land given to Judah (Josh 15:54), meaning smallness. The site generally identified as Zior is the modern Si’ir (also Si’air; Sa’ir), located about five m. NE of Hebron. The name is related to the Heb. צָעַר, H7592, which means “to become insignificant.” Zior is located in the hill country and is a sizeable village sustained by a spring and encompassed by farm land. There is reputable opinion to the effect that Zior and Zair (2 Kings 8:21) are the same towns (G. Buhl, Geographie des Alten Palastina). The reading of certain MSS of the LXX supports this. The antiquity of the site is established by the presence of tombs carved from rock.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A town in the hill country of Judah (Jos 15:54); probably Si’air, 4 1/2 miles North-Northeast of Hebron where the Mukam `Aisa (Tomb of Esau) is now shown. It is a considerable village surrounded by cultivated land; a spring exists in the neighborhood; there are rock-cut tombs showing it is an ancient site (PEF, III, 309, Sh XXI).